"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? by marinashutup

This video should be required watching. Just, for everyone.


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Completely transforming your body can take a really fucking long time and it’s hard so just be patient.  

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Don’t be afraid to lift and eat!!!!

These pictures were taken only 3 months apart! 💪

In the first picture I was doing cardio almost every single day, doing body weight exercises and not eating enough! The second picture I took the other day at the gym - I barely do any cardio now, I lift heavy weights and I eat and eat and eat!

It’s amazing what you can do by simply just changing your mindset and putting all you have into it 👌

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Email Submission
Hey guys! I’m 5’8 and currently 160lbs. I’ve been on such an incredible journey since I decided to start taking care of myself two years ago. I’ve said this many times but I want it to be made clear that I ALWAYS loved myself. I’ve always been beautiful BUT you can’t imagine how great it feels to not have that extra 50lbs on my joints! If you make the decision to change your lifestyle, do it for the right reasons! Don’t do it because you hate yourself. Work on your mental health first and once you’ve got that down, the rest will be cake. ;)

This watermelon was beautiful



is this beautiful solidarity too much for you, anon?

(also, i feel bad for you.)

y’all see how little Black life is mattered even by other PoC

not the Palestinians other PoC

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Huge before/after post!

Before: ~200 pounds, unhealthy, ate 3000+ calories a day of crap, spent 12+ hours a day on the computer, avoided exercise like the plague.

After: ~120 pounds, extremely healthy, eats 1800-ish calories a day of clean, healthy food, exercises 1-2 hours a day, certified personal trainer.

Oh, also, I am 5’1”, and to those who claim my pictures are fake, please take a look at the third before picture of me getting my Michael Jackson tattoo. It’s real, I am real, and haters can suck it.

You are freaking stellar.

me on my dash holla

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Research has proven that yoga can reduce risk of depression


An Iranian woman and her 3 year old daughter, disfigured from an acid attack from the husband/father.

humanize yourself

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